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Market Check®

Your product is unique and its protection is essential to your continued growth and success. How can you be sure there is not someone out there degrading the value of your product and deteriorating the reputation of your company? The infringement may not be in your country, it could be somewhere far off in another country.

At Kessler International we can monitor International and National markets for diversion, counterfeiting and/or trademark infringement. Few companies are capable of such an immense undertaking. With Kessler International’s Market Check you can rest assured that you are in good hands. With a full staff of world-class investigators and a network of undercover investigators and operatives worldwide, the scope of our investigation is limitless.

Over the years our firm has established solid and enduring relationships with salespeople, freight forwarding companies, warehouse managers, and other critical personnel in our fight to protect your products worldwide. It is through these relationships that we are able to obtain necessary and crucial information with the greatest speed possible.

Our operatives scour International and Domestic markets and explore locations most likely to foster fraudulent activity, such as flea markets, swap meets, wholesalers, discounters, distributors, and online e-commerce sources. Our wide database of known offenders allows us to gain a head start when an account of diversion or counterfeiting is suspected. We establish covert operations, mapping the trail of diverted goods and coordinating appropriate action with the client.

Our experts excel in this arena as they travel among the average shoppers asking questions and purchasing items to obtain necessary evidence against the offenders. Our operatives will often be placed in jobs within companies suspected of these crimes. From the inside evidence can be gathered which will seal the fate of the criminals involved. These endeavors are dangerous and often difficult to accomplish, but with Kessler International we make it seem simple. As the client you can be assured that our expert investigators will delve deeply into the business of acquiring as much evidence to put a stop to the illegal activities being committed and help protect your business worldwide.

Market Check® is a sophisticated service which places Kessler International in the forefront of worldwide investigative consulting.

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